The pitch: “What if the world’s greatest supervillain were not actually an idiot?”

In 2005, I was really interested in multiple players contributing to shared characters. You can see it here, in The People’s Hero, in It Was a Mutual Decision, and to a lesser extent in the political games (Spione, Shahida, Amerikkka). In Doctor Chaos, people trade off playing the same ultra-supervillain, while those who aren’t playing him at the moment try to thwart his plans.

Initial development, 2005: [Doctor Chaos] Cards, bad guys and [Doctor Chaos] Next phase playtesting
Revived, 2010: [Doctor Chaos] World peace, my way, Doctor Chaos Thoughts and Questions, [Doctor Chaos] Orccon 2011, [Doctor Chaos] May 2013 playtest, and [Doctor Chaos] Ice-enberg, CloNU and USB-ees (and Liefeld-heroes dinosaurs) from summer 2014.

Also, a couple of threads regarding another super-hero RPG which are relevant to this project: [WGP ...] Cosmic zap @ GenCon and [With Great Power ...] Brief but strong play in Sweden

Here’s the current playtest version (June 2014)! Play it and post about it at the Adept forum.