You and me
I guess the main thing is that Adept Press is nothing but me producing and promoting my stuff. It’s a lot like a lemonade stand.

If you’re a creative person who wants to work with my company, click on “Creators” at the left.

For retailers
All my games are in print and are available for you. Please contact me at by email to order. My games are warehoused at the Hero Games warehouse and can be sent to you along with your usual order from them.

My terms for stores are very simple: we split it 50-50. For example, Sorcerer’s MSRP is $25.00 U.S. Pay me half that amount and it’s yours.

For other publishers
I sometimes write for other game companies whose work I enjoy. It’s always arranged on a person-to-person basis, by invitation or offer. I am not a freelancer and I would prefer not to accept payment.

For example, for my scenario “Final Days at Skullpoint” in the HeroQuest adventure supplement Gathering Thunder, the standard payment is $200. They couldn’t waive it and I didn’t want to accept it, so we found a solution by turning it around immediately into a donation from me to the company.