I used to have a “mini-supplement” program for people who wanted to publish settings and applications of the Sorcerer rules. It yielded some good and influential work. However, over the years, I decided I had imposed too many editorial-style rules upon interested authors, such as demanding review authority over the material, demanding a particular format, and similar. Also over the years, I decided that various people’s violation of these impositions (hi Jared!) was fully justified.

So here’s the new Sorcerer supplement program: write your own supplement as you see fit, and publish it, in whatever format you want! I ask only that you be explicit about the source material’s origin.

If you want to do this, you do not need my permission, but it’d be great if you let me know about it. Also, the following services are available to you from me, but not required:

1. Rules-confirmation and discussion, including playtesting if I can get that organized
2. Promotion at this website
3. Some help with finding artists, printers, layout, or similar services if you need it

Here’s as good a place as any to clarify something else too … what if you want to hack or modify the Sorcerer mechanics into something new? The answer to that is easy: do it. You definitely don’t need my permission for that. It’d be nice if you acknowledged the inspiration in some way, but I have no way or desire to compel you to do it.