Are you a game designer or writer?

Then I don’t want to employ you. I only publish the stuff I write.

The good news is that I am very happy for you to utilize my material for your own products, especially Sorcerer material. If you want to write a Sorcerer supplement, please do! Publish it yourself – I’ll even help with reviewing the work along the way, if you want, and I’ll certainly advise regarding the nuts and bolts of getting it physically produced, again, if you want. But you can make all the money off it yourself. All I ask is that you don’t rip off my actual text, and you attribute (reference) my work fairly.

Creating and publishing your own Sorcerer supplements

Read all about this here.

Artists! I am ready and willing!

Artists I’ve worked with

I am always looking for art for new projects. My policy is a little unusual.

1. You always own your work. I don’t buy it, just lease it for my use, with absolutely no restrictions on your own use at any time.
2. I pay up-front, usually after we’ve passed a sketch or two back and forth. You don’t do the real work until after you’re paid.
3. Umm … how do I put it … I don’t pay all that much. Usually $100 to $300, which isn’t much, but on the plus side, you don’t have to do any more than you feel is right for that amount.