Pretty simple: I’m talking about owning what you create. Owning means full authority over it – how it’s published, what it looks like, who gets how much money, and when and how any of these things change. It has nothing to do with content whatsoever.

If you have a cow about “indie” as a term, here’s what you can soak your head in: Come not nearer to me, for I be indier than thou from Esoteric Murmurs

Why it’s good
The Nuked Apple Cart (May 1999)
War Story (February 2000)
some discussion of events
current perspectives

I’ve talked about it a lot too
Have Games, Will Travel – a snapshot of independent publishing decision-making and why the three-tier distribution system is irrelevant
Theory from the Closet – we discuss independent as a term and practice at about the one-hour-before-close mark

“After the Revolution, comrade …”
where we are now
Independence, Adept Press, and Indie Press Revolution and The New Thing (October 2008)