Periodically, someone gets their tits caught in the wringer about something I said. I figured it’s fair to list the sources here, although if you want to join in the fun, you can search it out yourself.

October 2010: Posting about “the winter of the Forge,” the latest revision to the site with an eye toward its eventual (and five-years-ago announced) closure.
Fall 2009: “Naked Went the Gamer,” an article in Fight On! #6, specifically my criticism of two authors’ decisions about their published games’ content.
October 2008: A series of threads about publishing and Independent Press Revolution at the Forge.
May 2005: that “violence” thing, a thread in the Adept Press forum at the Forge.
February 2005: “Brain Damage,” a thread in the Adept Press forum at the Forge. (Moreno Roncucci summarizes it perfectly here)
April 2006: the whole “sensual play” thing, at Anyway
February 2005: re-arranging and redefining the forums at the Forge, including shutting down the GNS and RPG Theory ones
Early 2003: Some preview discussion of Sex & Sorcery at
2000: An early discussion about Simulationist play and fear
1999: “System Does Matter,” an essay at The Gaming Outpost (now archived here and at the Forge).

If you’re bent out of shape about something I said or did, let me know so I can include you (or rather whatever it was) here.