My own personal Old School Renaissance

Fantasy Heartbreakers (April 2002) and More Fantasy Heartbreakers (January 2003) – A love letter, with some gnashing of teeth, to one of the lost waves of self-publishing innovations mainly from the 1990s, with implications for current game designers

Do dragons have penises? (originally posted to an thread in November 2002; link included) – In addition to the title topic, the second part considers the interesting secret of the shambling mound

Goddess of Rape (originally in Daedalus #1, 2003) – Regarding the goddess Thed in the setting of Glorantha, interpreted through an exegesis of sources and our long-running game of Hero Wars – also strongly tied to my game Trollbabe and the Sorcerer supplement Sex & Sorcery

A hard look at Dungeons & Dragons (June 2003) – Why there is no such thing as “original D&D” or “first edition D&D,” and why “Red Box” does not mean Genesis – in retrospect, it’s also a good companion piece to my game Elfs – here’s an updated version of it in diagram form (December 2013)

Naked Went the Gamer (originally in Fight On! #6, August 2009) – This is my take on the political identity imposed upon and internalized by the role-playing subculture in the early 1980s, and its implications for the current Old School Renaissance – also, it’s the companion piece to my game S/Lay w/Me

Regarding one of my favorite games and creators

Understanding the Pool; see also Jasper Flick’s Pool dice analysis; see Random Order RPG page for the game itself, by James V. West