I’ve given a zillion interviews, of which about 50% are available. People forget to record, they screw up their sound, they post the first few minutes and then won’t post the rest, they don’t post in the first place, the site goes 404, yadda yadda.

If you know of any working interviews with me, live or written, which aren’t listed below, please email the link so I can include it. Even ones in which I come off like a goon; I’m not proud.

April 2017: From the Designers on Stage event at Milan Polytechnic, here are my presentation Lessons from the Pool and the Round Table which followed. Check out Chris Crawford’s presentation too.

February 2016: A student interview – they picked me; hope they got a good grade!

June 2015: Interview with Ron Edwards- at the Runeslinger’s

January 2015: An interview with Ron Edwards – at Castalia House, with Jeffro Johnson
August 2014: Tirada de Diplomacia – Interview with Runas Explosivas (Spanish and English)
July 2014: Neo-Otyugh interview – [transcript] the site went silent right before this was supposed to go up
June 2014: My answers to Coralie David’s questions for her dissertation work at Universite Paris
June 2014: – [transcript] a popular hobby culture site which shall remain nameless commissioned this interview and then refused to run it
August 2013: Independent Insurgency (hosting) – James Raggi and I talk about stuff for a really long time (thanks to the Kickstart backers who pledged for this reward!)
November 2012: Interview #29: Victor Raymond and Ron Edwards, Part 1 and Part 2 – a dialogue about the Forge and the OSR at the Walking Eye
April 2011: Gioconomicon Internoscon / Bertinoro – interview accompanying the article cited below (click on the “qui” toward the end of the second paragraph for the audio, in both Italian and English)
April 2011: Internoscon / Bertinoro – Ron Edwards in cattedra: riscopriamo il gioco di ruolo – two journalists’ distillation of several days’ presentations, interviews, and informal conversations with me. (in Italian)
April 2011: Internoscon / Bertinoro – “No One Talks About Religion in Role-playing” (in English; mostly presentation, rather than interview)
April 2011: Internoscon / Bertinoro – Emotional Honesty in Role-playing, Part 1 and Part 2 (in English, accompanied by translation into Italian; mostly presentation with some discussion)
November 2010: Walking Eye interview with Kevin Weiser – #16: Ron Edwards on the Forge’s winter phase
May 2010: InterNosCon discussion with Tobias Wrigstad (each segment is between 5 and 10 minutes long) – 1 of 13, 2 of 13, 3 of 13, 4 of 13, 5 of 13, 6 of 13, 7 of 13, 8 of 13 (mis-labeled “9 of 13″), 9 of 13, 10 of 13, 11of 13, 12 of 13, 13 of 13
January 2010: The Walking Eye Podcast – Part One and Part Two. Held at Chicagoland Games, The Dice Dojo here in Chicago. Mostly about skills for successful role-playing, in general, with some diversions into Trollbabe, S/Lay w/Me, Sorcerer, and lots of other people’s games as well.
August 2009 (GenCon): All Games Considered – mainly promoting stuff at the booth, also some reminiscing about how the Forge booth began and some clarifications about the Adept booth, the IPR booth, and other independent booths.
August 2009 (GenCon): Independent Insurgency – mainly about the wave of “twosie” games like S/Lay w/Me (and the game I couldn’t remember the title of is Ghost Dog).
October 2008: See Page XX – me and Luke Crane; lots of stuff about Sorcerer and Spione
August 2008 (GenCon): Theory from the Closet – some technical talk about some ideas at the Forge at the time, concerning authority in play, Creative Agenda, stuff like that
August 2008: Canon Puncture #43 – Part 1 of four, the only one they posted
May 2008: The Spanish Inquisitor – all about Spione! (link goes to Part 1, with leads to 2 and 3)
August 2007 (GenCon): Theory from the Closet – Vincent Baker and me, mainly about managing website communities plus a bunch of role-playing stuff concerning Dogs in the Vineyard
August 2007 (GenCon): Do-It-Yourself Game Designer Seminars: Ron and Vincent
Spring 2007: 40 Years of GenCon – interviewed by Robin Laws, about the salon atmosphere of the Forge booth, and the general de-closeting of role-playing
April 2007: Theory from the Closet – from Clyde’s summary, “… White Wolf games and their effect on roleplayers looking for a specific type of game experience, the vision for the Forge, Ash Cans, and doing conventions differently.” Mainly brain damage follow-up, though. See also the Harping Monkey post commenting on the interview
Summer 2006: I notice that Andreas (Settembrini) has deactivated the YouTube clips of my interview with him in Berlin. Any chance of finding those, anyone?
Some time in 2006, I think: I did a really long written interview for the nordic magazine Imagonem, but they seem to have disappeared … can anyone Wayback it for me? (located and about to be added; also, internal content suggests it was at least partly written in 2004)
April 2006: Have Games, Will Travel – all things independent, basically
July 2004: Flames Rising – a good summary of where things stood after the Forge got over the hump
Some time in 2004, I think: Top 5 RPGs – print response to Ian O’Rourke’s questions – a very useful survey of my history as a role-player (Note: this may date back to 2001; I’m checking my records)

Other people!

Jesse Burneko: Canon Puncture – Game Advocate: Sorcerer, Sorcerer & Sword – lots of great stuff about Sorcerer, kind of the climax of about six years of shepherding Jesse through his “dark night of the Forge and especially Sorcerer” – January 2010