The dice
Check this little app out (thanks to Brian Leybourne), and this analysis (thanks to Tom Vogt).

Ken Hite’s Outie Award 2001
Diana Jones Award 2002

Sites and projects
Dave’s Sorcerer Quick-Reference – a rules summary with useful explanations
Play Sorcerer – Christopher Kubasik’s reflections on developing his book about the game, aimed at illuminating how its parts work together for a host of emergent properties
Sorcerer Wiki – a user-driven Wiki resource for understanding the game
Sorcerer Unbound – Jesse Burneko’s writings about the game, aimed at gamers whose habits of reading and play make my prose difficult for them; see also his Play Passionately essays, especially “State of the Union”
RPG Design Patterns: Sorcerer – I’m not sure who authored this, but it’s thought-provoking and may be helpful
The Destiny Diaries – a setup for play at Deeper in the Game

Actual play archives

I like Sorcerer
Sorcerer RPG
Sorcerer + Kids = “YAAAAY!” – Kids
More Evil Is More Morally Taxing? – Kickers need to be really spiked.
Grimm Therapy
My current Sorcerer game – modern necromancy and The necromancy game continued, as well as some PDF handouts and prep materials, The Dead Are Too Much With Us, Dead 2, Dead 3, and Dead relationship map

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1997: Serendipity’s Circle The very first review, in a horror and gaming zine which I miss to this day
1998, I think: Imazine #33
May 1999: (Apprentice version; obsolete) by Paul Franklin
July 1999: Gaming Outpost (pre-print version; obsolete) by “EDG”
June 2000: (pre-print version; obsolete) by Mike Zebrowski
July 2001: by Dav Harnish
September 2001: Out of the Box review of Sorcerer
December 2001: Out of the Box review of Sorcerer & Sword
February 2002: Out of the Box review of The Sorcerer’s Soul
October 2002: by Eric Brennan
2003: Ken Hite’s review of Sex & Sorcery
June 2003: by Jeffrey Straszheim
August 2003: by Lisa Padol
February 2005: (Sex & Sorcery) by Matthijs Holter
July 2005: Flames Rising by Monica Valentinelli
March 2007: Websnark by Eric
June 2008: (Sorcerer & Sword) by Sergio Mascarenhas
2007-present: GoodReads review page
July 2012: “Sorcerer: inaction and consequence” and the related review Sorcerer: An intense review
July 2013: RPG First and Second Look: The Annotated Sorcerer (part 1), and in September 2013, Sorcerer’s Annotations, part 2: Demons
January 2014: The Annotated Sorcerer by Jeffro Johnson