Updated December 14, 2013
Pledge reward #5 Instructional videos
They ain’t fancy. Some fall about a minute short of the promised eight minutes. I can’t say they’re anything your ten-year-old relative can’t do better. But they do in fact teach the topics the backers asked for pretty well.
Reading the Dice
Bonus Dice
Demon Ability Combinations
Character Diagrams
Trading Victories
Scene Framing

Pledge reward #6 One-sheets essay
All done! Written & sent. Check it out

Pledge reward #7 Balking, recipients listed
All done! Written & sent. Check it out

Pledge reward #8 Conversation with Jim Raggi
Done it! (with thanks to the Independent Insurgency for posting)

Pledge reward #9 Tequila cocktails
It’s done! Check it out.

Pledge reward #10 Heil
Finished! View them all here:








Pledge reward #11 Limited edition print

Pledge reward #12 Playtest for your game
I have six playtest drafts in hand, out of eight pledges. I’ve read them, marked them up, discussed them with the authors, and played four. I’m still waiting for the other two drafts. Playtest discussions:
[Atlantis] Playtest and feedback
[... and cast no shadow] Playtest feedback
[Dramatic Lives] Brief but thought-provoking play
[From the Ashes] Tetsubishi and Vin Weasel do some mushrooms

Pledge reward #13 Play with me
Three out of three done!

Pledge reward #14 Original art