Sorcerer coverSome time ago, in the early 1990s, like nearly every role-player, I decided to write the game, (i) the one that would work and (ii) that I not only wanted but needed to play.

A few years later, I grabbed a clue and realized that publishing it myself was the only imaginable way to publish it at all.

I originally planned to keep the project limited to on-line PDF sales, envisioning a series of supplements and an audience of perhaps a thousand people. When I decided to release a print copy, I expected to sell perhaps 500 to store distribution, with maybe a quarter of that actually going to customers, as a one-time thing to enjoy having “published an RPG book.” The supplements were to remain in PDF form.

Little did I know that the game itself would be far more like one of the demons it describes, and that the binding contract did not always tip in my favor.

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Character sheet from the core book; see also Christopher Kubasik’s version, and John Willson’s (sorcerer and demon)
Demon sheet from the core book; see also Ben Morgan’s character and demon sheets, which I used in the supplement Sex & Sorcery

The supplements
Adept Press, authored by me: Sorcerer & Sword, The Sorcerer’s Soul, and Sex & Sorcery – now collected in a single volume.

Other authors: Charnel Gods (email to order, costs $5), The Later Blue Tome of Amaxathroth the Cursed, Dictionary of Mu, Electric Ghosts, Supplement V: Carcosa (actually for very old D&D but with strong Sorcerer goings-on), Schism

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The Sorcerer Upgrade Kickstart in January 2013 was scary, fun, and successful at $26,792, funding cover art, layout, and the first round of orders for the new Sorcerer books. See the Kickstart Pledge Page to see the rewards.