It Was a Mutual Decision

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What you need to know
1. Single session, three-act structure
2. Needs some men and some women – the men play a woman and the women play a man
3. The breakup is inevitable
4. One or both characters may be a were-rat

Tropes list
Crosses the Line Twice, Crossing the Burnt Bridge, Creepy Awesome, Moral Event Horizon, Values Resonance, Sensitivity Training, Gender Flip, You Dirty Rat, Make Up or Break Up (averted: always the latter), Off-Screen Breakup (enforced), Nightmare Fuel, Our Werewolves Are Different (because it’s a rat!)

How I wrote it
Ronnies contests
My birthday, 2005
“rat” and “girlfriend”
Breaking the Ice

Resources and links
[It Was a Mutual Decision] Case study for discussion – My account of designing and publishing the game.

Artists: Veronica Pare and Keith Senkowski

June 2007: Have Games, Will Travel – a solid play report by Paul Tevis