Kickstarter won’t let me include weapons in the rewards or goals. So let me explain carefully: this is not going to provide me with one single penny. Nor am I providing anyone with any item or service whatsoever. It is completely un-associated with Kickstarter in every possible way.

Here’s the idea: you order this Museum Replicas actual steel sword of the precise period design featured in the game directly from the manufacturer, and they send it to an engraver I’ve talked with. The sword gets engraved with the Circle of Hands emblem, the same thing the Circle knights wear in the game setting, and then sent to you.

So you’d pay Museum Replicas directly at their cost (roughly $200), and the engraver’s cost too, which at this stage of negotiations appears to be $15. You’ll pay for the shipping too. The engraver says they can tell me the precise details of costs on Wednesday, April 2 – with any luck, at that point, I can provide you with the address of the engraver and you can order.

This is also a limited-time arrangement, and I’m thinking that the final date for ordering will be April 30.