You already have the rundown, right?

This is the Crescent Land (map by Tony Dowler):
Map by Tony Dowler
To the west, inland, is Tamaryon. To the north and wrapping inland is Famberge. The southern coast, mainly the spur, is Spurr. The central coast and most of the associated mountains is Rolke.


Play aids
Although I do think you should do it all by hand, this character creation service does work (by Gethyn Edwards)

Here’s the character sheet. Here’s an interesting alternative sheet by Gethyn Edwards, including an explanation for using it.

Playing a wizard? You’ll need the full spell list. If you’re not, then your character still casts spells, so you’ll want one too.

Plus, check these out, by David Lely and Paul Beakley: spell cards!

More critters! Three monsters for Italy, one of the Kickstarter rewards (technically a demon, a monster, and an avatar)

While drawing the location maps, the estimable Dyson Logos suffered flooding and water damage in his dwelling, and thus some work was lost … until he discovered this, Tamaryon barrow safe within the pages of a water-stained BX module!

Amazing videos
The estimable Runeslinger walks the viewer through the text:
brief introduction
Circle of Hands intro
Circle of Hands chapter 1
Circle of Hands chapter 2
Circle of Hands chapter 3 part 1 and character creation
Circle of Hands chapter 4
Circle of Hands chapter 5

Circle of Hands chapter 6

Circle of Hands chapter 7

and really, a beautiful capper in Circle of Hands: Impressions

Ivan did some too: A rotating cast of characters and Knowing where your towel is (what happens in Rolke stays in Rolke)

Some fun combat viewing
Disclaimer: I have no knowledge or position about the complicated debates that rage across all videos like these.
But lookit what a francisca can do! Thrand and Eldgrimr’s Reply to Axes – Axe Throwing and A point about franciscas
This is a whole discussion ‘Morning star’ flails
Here’s a bit about those sword-edges and half-swording
A whole new level of archery – granted, Crescent Land combat archery isn’t well-developed (they draw to the body, not the jaw), but still … I bet they knew at least a thing or two about this stuff – although watch this counter-argument to find where you’ll split the difference.

Tropes list
Do not visit unless you want your life to be eaten. That said, here are the relevant ones for the game. If you find any more that seem to fit, let me know. (For those unfamiliar with that site, “averted” means exactly the opposite of the listed trope.)
Dark Age Europe: including most of the subtropes, although The Dung Ages is only played with a little, and once the action gets going, there’s a hint of Heavy Mithril
Dark Fantasy / Darker and Edgier: it’s based on a game draft from the early 1990s, so …
Good is Not Nice
Crapsack World, bordering on Conditioned to Accept Horror, with a dose of What a Senseless Waste of Human Life
Violence is Disturbing, including Public Execution, Squick, Nausea Fuel, Impaled wtih Extreme Prejudice, and Body Horror; including Your Head Asplode for the mansnakes
Badass so much: Badass Crew (kind of the whole point), Badass Creed, Determinator, Took a Level in Badass (an implicit feature of many Key Events), Heartbroken Badass (ditto), Iron Woobie, Person of Mass Destruction (when a wizard gets really upset), Rugged Scar, Unflinching Walk (often invoked during play)
Brawn Hilda: the non-comedic version; the women knights, strongly averting Amazonian Beauty
All strongly averted: Armor is Useless, 24-Hour Armor, Scary Impractical Armor, and similar tropes, in favor of an unromantic version of Knight in Shining Armor (it’s just mail)
King Arthur: a little, but most of its internal tropes are averted.
Humans Are White: averted – it’s a pre-medieval Nordic-style culture, but ethnicities are present in a couple of ways
Blue and Orange Morality: Rbaja and Amboriyon
Ensemble Cast: very much part of the point, extending it to the player-to-player level
Crosses the Line Twice: or maybe it’s just offensive
Plot Armor: a rule by that very name, although it doesn’t apply to character death
Heroes Prefer Swords, except that it’s really Blade on a Stick, and let’s not forget the Chain Pain and An Axe to Grind
Anyone Can Die: a crucial aspect of the round-robin character play
Useful Notes: European Swordsmanship, Useful Notes: Swords
The Church: averted; religion is decentralized
Our Angels Are Different: eidolons
Mook Promotion: the ascension mechanic, either to Mauve Shirt or Breakout Mook Character
Fetish Fuel Station Attendant: oh my God the spider-hags
The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: the principle underlying “I Will Not Abandon You”

There Are No Therapists: justified in-setting
Everybody Must Get Stoned, with the priests as Erudite Stoner, but averting Marijuana is LSD
Big Bad: averted explicitly in the design for ventures
Unfortunate Implications: resolved in the pre-publication discussions of rape
Forging Scene: it could happen
The Doll Episode: if a venture features the eponymous demon
Stepford Smiler: the Guide
Shell-Shocked Veteran
Hat of Authority: priests wear them
Dark is Evil
Light is Not Good + Pure Is Not Good: including savagely defying Unicorns Are Sacred
Nightmare Fuel: did someone mention unicorns?
Not Using the Z Word: the draugr; also, there’ s a DracoLich illustration
Sensitivity Training: non-comedic version, subversively present
Shades of Conflict: White and Grey vs. Grey and Black, to a T – but played with in-universe because both white and black magic are Black in this construction
Cold War: implied between Rbaja and Amboriyon, although it’s hot enough for the characters
Deliberate Values Dissonance / Values Resonance: played with hard
Genius Bonus: plenty of for-real philosophy, mostly Nietzsche and Schopenhauer as acknowledged, but phrases like “inscription on the body” and “cultural effervescence” are scattered about as well
Shown Their Work: a touch of older/archaic German, especially in the names

Paladin: Charge!
Pinnacle: Cyborg Assassin
Comus: First Utterance
Uriah Heep: Circle of Hands

The game’s development
Initial playtesting

Kickstarter campaign
More playtesting

A great win from initial discussions
Email conversation with Kira Magrann, mid-March: here
Go Make Me a Sandwich, March 25 (transcript of email exchange with Anna Kreider during the prior week): A conversation with Ron Edwards about Circle of Hands and rape
G+ conversation with Sara Williamson, March 26: here – h’m, link is messed up, see transcript here.

Play discussions
A way to record experiences and to discuss them