Three things: Sorcerer, online work/presence (ultimately the Forge), GenCon booth

Sorcerer – early days
independent publishing
website 1996
People: Ed Healy
new format 1998
the Gaming Outpost 1999 – Hephaestus’ Forge 1999 – the Forge 2000
People: Clinton Nixon, Peter Seckler, Jared Sorensen
book 2001, GTS 2001, GenCon 2001
People: Jonathan Tweet, Dav Harnish, Liz Fulda
Mike Holmes, Ralph Mazza, Seth Ben Ezra

The original plan and then what really happened
People: Woody Eblom (TSO)
Jake Norwood, Luke Crane, Vincent Baker
DemonCon 2001-2004
Continuing: Elfs 2000/2002, Trollbabe 2003, Sex & Sorcery 2003, Demon Cops 2003
Iron Game Chef

The Forge, Indie Press Revolution
The Diaspora (thank God)
“On a whim”: It Was a Mutual Decision 2006, Spione 2006, Trollbabe again 2009, S/Lay w/Me 2009