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The internet frightens me
February 2010: H’mmmm! The Ruthless Guide to 80s Action; Funny! Wolverine the Musical; Oh my, oh my God Live Avatar Role Playing
March 2010: Dangerous times Sarah Palin’s Churches and the Third Wave Movement; I admit my addiction SP Studios (South Park self-portrait site); Yes, you’ve seen it already, I know Do You Wanna Date My Avatar
April/May 2010: What he says Facebook Friends
June 2010: A good man Shalom Rav; Stuff to know Teabagged! Born in Off-Shore Drilling
August 2010: Back in the day, I owned this on vinyl! Spider-Man: Rock Reflections of a Superhero; My wife & kids are citizens here There’s a party in Sweden’s pants!; Required viewing, from fall 2008 Red-Blue Road Trip
November 2010: The Rally to Restore Vanity; The Phantom Left; U.S.: Myth of the Two-Party System
December 2010: The man is right Great interview with Julian Assange; I just like watching this Barney Miller opening theme; Yes indeed Doctor Doom. Dictator. Tyrant. Party animal. Comics fanboy.

January 2011: Happy New Year State of the Union; Making sense every single column Glenn Greenwald; But you knew this already, right? Income inequality in the U.S.A. is worse than in Egypt
February 2011: All about the presidential timber LBJ phone conversation; Whoa A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945
April 2011: My God, this is allowed? She’s what, 70? Florence Henderson – When You’re Good to Mama
May 2011: A great film for free Gaza Strip; I always did like these guys Get back in line; Oh like #20 isn’t your top pick 25 Most Epic Ads; Takedown! Netanyahu’s address to Congress – annotated for better comprehension; Only in America (I hope) Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies
June 2011: More sense here than in a 100 other RPG sites Playing D&D with Pornstars; Good comics are hard to find Alex Robinson’s short stories
July 2011: Aw man, I always wanted to meet him John Callahan; Took a while for people to notice “Let me be clear” = “I want to make one thing crystal clear” Obama channels Nixon; Heroes do happen Tim DeChristopher: I do not want mercy, I want you to join me
August 2011: Decency exists Ray McGovern; More fun comics Una the Blade; And more Cheap Thrills
September 2011: All too true Ten years on and a long way down; Indeed Progressively losing; So true, especially the first column, second row The 24 types of libertarian; Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles! David’s favourite Captain Haddock curses; Exactly Running from right-wing clowns; My favorite B5 character Mister Morden: In the Shadows
October 2011: Always liked this song Now You’re a Man; Terrorists beware (or not) The most important chart about the Patriot Act you’ll see; Hey, they remembered M’Ress! Hotter than warp plasma; Real hope 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops
November 2011: Good cartooning must be savage American Exremists; Unbelievable how much time I can lose at this site, click at your own risk TV Tropes; My hero! and I do not mean the subject of the statue Ronald Reagan statue vandalized in Newport Beach
December 2011: I am Sydney Which dyke of Dykes to Watch Out For are you?; Read both (a lot) Naked Capitalism and Financial Armageddon

January 2012: Damned right Brunnen G Fight Song; I teach about stuff like this The most ludicrous depictions of evolution in science fiction history; Yes Does big pharma pay your doctor?
March 2012: By my fingernails like he describes Middle-class political economist; Why it’s not Iran I’m scared of Imminent Iran nuclear threat? A timeline of warnings since 1979; Good call! Seattle LGBT Commission cancels pinkwashing event
April 2012: You know these guys, right? CIA Man, by the Fugs; Good science teaching is awesome Prof Jay Clayton’s Genetics & Literature student blog; Intelligent SF TV Lithium Flower
May 2012: What he said When half a million Americans died and nobody noticed; I wish they’d done it about 15 years earlier Hunter S. Thompson interviews Keith Richards 1993
June 2012: If you read one thing The legend of the spat-upon veteran; It took me three days to recover Huge group of girls
July 2012: Sadly, I am not his cousin Steve Sexy Cyborg; Already here Decline of the Empire; Browse for days (I did) Comics with Problems; Happy 4th (not) The hidden history of the Independence Day holiday; Say it ain’t so National Reconnaissance Office accused of illegally collecting personal data
August 2012: You have got to be kidding me – brain bleach now Rush Limbaugh’s newsletter rips off the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual; “With great powder comes great responsibility!” Super therapy!; So this is where Cherry Poptart ended up Orgymania; You follow this right? Shame Project
September 2012: See it Tears of Gaza; Meep meep Bibi! Netanyahu caption contest; Science + skeptic Respectful Insolence
October 2012: If I were a musical instrument? Top 100 Cowbell Songs of All Time; Savage politics Not Safe for Work Corporation; Now actually what you thought that one was Not Safe for Work Comics; Say it loud The Myth of American Military Superiority
November 2012: “Oh David you’re so embedded” “Oh Paula you’re so connected” ABC botches Petraeus book cover; Who says science isn’t art? One Injection (flu shot anthem); Very cool All nine levels of Hell from Dante’s Inferno rebuilt in LEGO
December 2012: Feel all the hair on your body stand up at about halfway through Dick Dale medley 1963; All the songs are great but this one packs ten emotions into one refrain Wig in a Box; You google them, I dare you James Joyce is going to corrupt you all; OK that’s funny Dumb ways to die

January 2013: Recovery my ass Housing long term outlook; Hummous is whose? Harvard Law lunch menu
April 2013: Seek and find Plus D Wikileaks Library of US Diplomacy; Leave it to the Australians truly to rock with cock Buffalo: Volcanic Rock (and don’t miss the entire cover image); “Give me the camera and he’ll answer the question”
AIPAC president (tries to) defend Israel’s rejection of WMD-free zone
; What toys really ought to be like The inner life of toys – the art of Jason Freeny
May 2013: I wish my wife wouldn’t tell me what she hears on NPR Chicken diapers; Light Exile and the Prophetic
July 2013: Empowered! Superhero cosplay photoshoot; Can anyone tell me what this duck is saying? Bringing a whole new meaning to the term chiroquacktic; For the kids Conan the Barbarian: Red Nails
August 2013: He knows what love is Sperm donor “left me for babies”
September 2013: Much better this way The Nietzsche Family Circus; What the fuck am I looking at? What does the fox say?; This is why Inside the Syrian opposition’s D.C. spin machine
October 2013: Know it Majority Report interview with Max Blumenthal; Get it right people Wrong Statistics; Aww! Rock ‘n Roll Animal

January 2014: I think I recognize that lady! Chocolate Buttholes; Indeed More like super naked