Circle of Hands launch

Circle of Hands 2015

Hello. My name is Ron Edwards.

Google tells me that other Ron Edwardses are an NFL player, an Australian politician, an author of a book about making whips, and some Klansman who thinks he is an “imperial wizard.” I’m far less interesting; as you can see, I am unmistakably a gamer.

Adept Press is my independent publishing company, just for my stuff.

I publish books which are themselves wholly games, or which contain games within them. By “games,” I mean a fun activity with friends, and in my case, the activity typically means organized dialogue, beginning with a bunch of story components and ending up, in time, with a story having been created. It’s like being the authors and audience at the same time. I call it “Story Now.”

Most of what you want can be found in the menu to your left. Check out the Adept forum and the Big Model Wiki! To contact me, my email is

The latest! Doctor Xaos is now under way, with its Patreon page and the associated Comics Madness blog. Do drop in.

Circle of Hands is now available – read about it here.

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